Semalt Expert: What Benefits SEO Gives To Entrepreneurs

SEO is an important part of marketing strategy, which allows startups and established firms promote their services and products. Research says that 82% of the shoppers admit the influence of search results on purchase decision, and 70% of them buy products basing on search results. Thus, visibility is a crucial factor for business.

Jack Miller, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services describes the benefits that SEO gives to entrepreneurs.

1. Reputation Management

Reputation and the first impressions matter. Reputation management aims at the domination in the search engine queue. Thus, the primary goal is to rank your brand in top search results. Along with website optimization, social media channels also help you to build brand's reputation. When people enter the name of your brand in search to find more information about it, your brand's social media accounts will be listed in top 6 results, therefore, strengthening the message, which your company would like to deliver. These initiatives leave a favorable impression on the prospective clients.

2. Keyword Research

Your marketing and promotion strategies will largely depend on the keywords used on the website. It helps to customize users' preferences and optimize textual content of site's blog and landing page. High-quality keyword research allows you to create informative feed and enables customer learn more about the product or service. As the result, you get happier customer, better content and higher ranking, which ultimately drive the traffic to your site.

3. Organic Traffic

Good ideas, products, and services spread virally, and all the buzz around it results in better search rankings, that are coming from inbound links, references and social signals. To secure funding, entrepreneurs must save the viability of the business for the long-term development. Organic traffic is a major indicator of current and future trends, which reaps significant great rewards for your business.

4. Competitive Advantageous

SEO campaigns help to get over competitors. Entrepreneurs need to set their business apart from their competition and ensure that the gap between them and other industry players widens even bigger on the search queue.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social signals promote high rankings in organic searches by driving traffic to the site. Social media channels supplement this growth, becoming necessary for every business. Entrepreneurs bolster their social media efforts with strong SEO campaigns.

6. Gaining Trust

Non-established businesses receive a little trust due to the limited recognition on the market. Users have more trust to the sites that rank well for their preferred keywords. Organic search rankings improve site clicks as compared to paid search results. High rankings on these engines assist new companies to position themselves at the top of the market in the eyes of their target audience.

7. Long Term Brand Equity

Establishing a long-term brand equity requires embracing SEO as a strategy as it promotes online initiatives for entrepreneurs. Every dollar spent on SEO translates to a value in the long run.

SEO is a time-consuming activity, which requires a bulk of resources. However, it is an ideal digital marketing too that serves as a strategic investment for the long-term run. As Semalt clients have proven, SEO helps entrepreneurs to jump-start their businesses, build credibility and trust, secure funds, and ensure sustainability.